Never knowingly be serious


well, this is my finals week

and then i’m off to paris for 2 months! :D

wish me luck guys! :)

ah ah i had one month and an half to apply to a job and i didn’t do it

and just now i finally wrote my cover letter for it

and i realised that i miss the deadline by ONE DAY

i’m so stupid

i will never get the money i need to go to the sherlocked convention


Glee Exclusive: Chris Colfer to Pen Episode →

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I think I’m gonna kill this girl. Like I never was that angry about anyone irl, and those who know me knows that I never bash on people. But she’s fucking useless and hopeless. Why did I paired up with her in the first place?? I’m doing all the job (i.e. writing THREE whole scientific papers ALONE (do you realise the amount of work it require??!! I spent like 24 full hours on each one of them)) because she doesn’t fucking know what she’s doing. Like I’m simply asking her to write down the whole protocol we followed for an experiment, with every details (she just literally had to translate the protocol that were given to us during our practicals into FUCKING REAL SENTENCES) and she skipped like half of the thing, misquoted things,… she did shit basically. So I had to do all that all over again.Then she was really motivated to analyse our results with some statistics and all, so with the remain hope I had for her, I let her do it. And oh oh guess what? It didn’t mean anything at all! Like, have you even read the subject???!!!! AND she even got HELP from another guy to do THAT. Am I surrounded by idiots or what? So yeah I had to re-do everything all over again. And then, in one of the papers we could put some acknowledgements, so I let her do it and the single rule for it was to not thank the teacher. Ah ah, yes you got it: SHE DID! And she even thanked the guy who “helped” her with the analysis of the results. Really? You should have thanked my FUCKING PATIENCE INSTEAD!
So yeah, basically I did all the work, and in consequence I didn’t have the time to study for my finals that are in a week. Yay college and competent people who got in the master’s degree!
/rant over



I wanted to do a giveaway when I reached 40k but I am impatient, and knew I’d forget everything I wanted to put in it if I didn’t do it now lol. So here?? Ty for following me<3.

First things first; Rules.

  • You can reblog this as many times as you wish, but don’t annoy the people who follow you. 
  • Follow me because it’s a followers giveaway, friends. 
  • You’ll have to be willing to give me your address because I can’t just guess where you live, surprisingly. 
  • This will end on the 26th of May (aka, my birthday)
  • Don’t send the winners nasty things, that should go without saying, but i’ve seen it happen.
  • There will be three winners, the first can pick any four things, the second three things and then the last will have the two things that are left! :-). 
  • I’ll ship anywhere! :-).

Okay, now, prizes: 

Most of these things are brand new bar the enjoy cumberbatch shirt and fangirl book. 

  • Sherlock poster. 
  • Sherlock series 3. (Region 2.)
  • The Fifth Estate. (Also region 2)
  • Sherlock lives book (More info here)
  • Fangirl.
  • I don’t understand t-shirt (will order in the winners size)
  • Enjoy Cumberbatch t-shirt (Women’s XL).
  • Sherlock mug.
  • Sherlock charm bracelet. 
  • Also everyone will get a bag of werthers originals because they’re rad. 

Good luck!!! :-). 

People keep messaging me their address, I do not need them right now!!! If you win I will message you asking you for you address!!!!



So… Benedict Cumberbach asked me (yeah really) to tell all of my followers thank you for the gift, (which was a Porto wine bottle) and he also said ‘Tell them to download The Fifth Estate on iTunes’.
The man knows how to promote stuff.

So you know what to do. Oh and if you are a follower I did tell him hello from all of you and you can reblog or like this post for a chance to win the above signed label :)

*still deaded*

Just some notes: giveaway closes on 28/02/14, this is supposed to be for followers, but you don’t have to follow to be a fan of Benedict so there is no need to be following me to have a chance to win, I’ll notify the winner via ask box, if I don’t get a reply within a reasonable amount of time, I’ll chose someone else, I’ll mail it anywhere… 

A reminder that this ends next week. I just noticed the notes, how exactly am I going to choose one person? I foresee me having to spend a sleepless night just going through all of them… :D

And I might have to add some other goodies and do a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.

My plan is to watch all of the Criminal Minds eps this summer. I wanted to do this for so long!


"John is still, he’s stoical, he’s very watchful, he’s very very strong-willed, a strong-minded person, he’s not easily flappable…he saves lives and can kill people. He doesn’t do a lot of vocal flourishes, he doesn’t do a lot of showing off, it’s just he’s still in a way that I envy about some men. He’s got a real strength to him.” (x) - Martin Freeman